Apartment with free parking spot

Holiday Zell am See with free parking

The car is ready with everything you need for the holiday in Zell am See. The whole family is looking forward to amazing days. Still If they arrive to Zell am See, they can get a surprised badly: There is no free parking in the reserved accommodation. In fact, Zell am See is located on the alluvial cone of the Schmittenbach, nestled between the mountain and the lake. In other words, the romantic location in the old town is wonderful, but if you plan your holiday make sure you reserve an holiday accommodation with free parking in Zell am See. Sounds logical? Then it is a good idea to reserve your apartment with free parking at direct booker prices right here.

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On one hand, our apartments are right next to the slopes, but on the other hand, our accommodation is right by the lake. The combination with the free car parking, this is the perfect opportunity to not use your car for the whole week. Stress-free days with maximum relaxation guaranteed!

Our free parking options

Our guests park directly in front of the apartment. This means that our guests can leave their car parked for the whole week during their winter holiday. In summer, you can plan your adventures, but in any case with the certainty of having a secure parking space when you return. In the apartments for up to 4 people there is at least one parking space available, in those for 5 or more guests there are always 2 parking spaces available. Have you already seen?  We have also installed e-charging stations at our car parking.

Alternative city garage

There are two underground garages in Zell am See: the Apcoa garage and the Conti Park Garage. The first one is slightly more expensive than the second. It should be noted that the 24h parking options are very limited and therefore quite expensive at around 20 euros/day. In any case, the covered garage offers the advantage of a snow-free car during winter. In general, Zell am See is considered as very safe. The outdoor parking space is also an ideal price/performance option.

  • Apcoa garage: around 21 euros / 24h, 2.60 euros / hour
  • Conti Park Garage: around 19 euros / 24h, 2.20 euros / hour

Alternative short parking zone

The short parking zone, as the name indicates is only suitable for short parking. The maximum parking time is 180 minutes. Smart drives will find out that they can prolong their ticket every 3 hours. But one questions remains: Will you find a lot of friends in Zell am See that way?

Here the overview:

  • Kurparkzone Zell am See: 4,70 Euro / 3 hours, 37,60 Euro / 24 hours

Häufig gestellte Fragen:

Our guest are using one parking for up to 4 guests. From 5 persons our guests are using two parking spots.

The E-Charging station is directly at the house. You can get the master cards at the reception.

The old town is just behind our house. You can find many restaurants and various shopping possibilities.